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3 Common Tile & Grout Problems and Ways to Solve Them

The tiles and grout can become discoloured with the passage of time. They can even turn mouldy. It is, however possible to rejuvenate your tile and grout using the right tools and products. In addition to this, a professional cleaning company will make sure your bathroom tiles look brand new. Pure N Bright is renowned in providing the best tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. We provide grout cleaning in Melbourne for all types of floor restoration, tile and ground cleaning and sealing. Our experts understand your tiles and grout and make sure you get value for money. Here are some of the common tile and grout problems and ways to solve them from our experts.

White Residue & Stains

Today, seeing a white residue or a stain on a tile is becoming extremely common. This happens when the water penetrates underneath the tiles and the water crystallizes. The crystallized water leads to white residue and stains on the tile surface. This is called efflorescence which is a porous tile issue. Here, the clusters of crystals can often appear on grout joints if it is a porous substance and therefore it needs to be identified and resolved by a tile and grout specialist. 


This is the most common tile problem in showers and bathrooms. The bathrooms and showers offer the perfect environment for mould growth. The reason for this is the surface is mostly always wet and highly humid. It also has poor ventilation thus providing the perfect breeding ground for mould. Additionally, soap residue and body oils prove to be the perfect source of food for the mould. Once there is mould developing in the porous joints, no amount of scrubbing would help. It is, therefore, important to professional help. Remember mould is usually caused by a leak and even a small hole in the grout or cracks in shower corners can lead to water build-up.

Milky Tile Surface

If your tile starts appearing milky or cloudy then it is an indication that whatever you are using is not right. The tile and cloudy tile surface is an indicator of using the wrong product. In such cases, it is always recommended to get immediate professional assistance. A professional cleaner would use the correct products and follow the right process of cleaning your tile and grout.

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