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5 Awful Things Hiding in Your Couch

Had a long day at work? Just planning to go home and sit on the favourite spot of your couch and enjoy some television? Wait, have you ever thought about what is lurking beneath your couch? No matter how clean you keep your house and vacuum all the nooks and corners, your couch stays a hotbed for many contaminants and harmful things. Your couch may be harbouring many unpleasant and potentially harmful pollutants and therefore it is important to get your upholstery cleaned. At Pure N Bright, we are one of the best leather and upholstery cleaning experts. Our team of experts is well-trained and know what is hidden beneath your couch. Here is a list of few things that have made their home on your couch.

Bedbugs and Fleas

Bedbugs not only live in beds as the name suggests but also in your couches. The main reason for this is that people also rest on sofas and bedbugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth, which is easily available on your couch. Similarly, the couch also hosts fleas. The main reason for this is your pet. Your pet loves to sit, sleep and walk on furniture and the most comfortable piece of furniture for your pet is the couch. The female fleas feed on mammal blood and lay eggs on the host bodies. These eggs fall off the pets and stay on your couch. After hatching the larvae stay in a cool and shady place like beneath the couch cushion on in the couch itself.


Cleaning chemicals, paint toxins, smoke and everything that is floating in the air will eventually make its way to your couch and stay there. In addition to this, the chemicals used in the construction of a sofa also leave volatile organic compounds. These compounds stay for a longer period and therefore a regular cleaning is crucial to get these chemicals and harmful particles out.

Dust Mites

You might have heard about dust mites and as the name suggests dust mites are parasites that are found in dust. These microscopic members of the arachnid family feed on skin flakes from people and pest and sometimes mould. Dust mites along with their shredded skin and feces thrive in soft upholstery. They can irritate your airways causing allergies, asthma and many other respiratory issues. It is, therefore, recommended to get your couch cleaned regularly.

Leftover Food or Food Particles

Whether you are enjoying a game night with snacks on your couch or just grabbing a quick bite while sitting on your couch, there are chances for small particles of food to fall off and get deep into your couches. This can say your couch might be full of sugar, grease, and small food particles. Additionally, grease and oil from your fingers can get easily transferred on your couch while eating.


A mould develops inside the cushions and in hidden cracks and cervices. The soft upholstery fibres absorb moisture like a sponge which creates the perfect environment for mould to grow further. When your couch isn’t dried properly, most and mildew start developing.

We understand that after reading this, you will start viewing your couch in a completely different light. The undeniable truth is that your couch is a dangerous place and need to be cleaned thoroughly by professionals at regular intervals. At Pure N Bright, we have experience in cleaning upholstery and leather furniture. Our well-trained experts will clean your couch using non-toxic and safe treatments. Connect with us on 1300 360 274 to get a thorough couch cleaning in Melbourne.

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