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9 Tips to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Our daily use of leather furniture makes it dirty, scratchy and reduce its age of use by diminishing its colour and quality. But this is not the absolute problem, as the real problem is that no one knows how to clean leather properly and maintain its shades. But this issue won’t last long from now on as we can guide you with some quick tips on how to clean your leather furniture without any help from a professional cleaning service provider. These tips are as

1. Consider practising regular dusting and vacuum cleaning.
2. Use a soapy damp cloth to clean light soiled patches.
3. Never rub too hard on spots on leather surfaces, it will push dirt deeper.
4. Use vinegar for light spots, dry powder for greasy spots and shaving cream or hair spray for ink spots.
5. Never use harsh chemicals or ordinary cleaning solutions to clean leather as it might damage it by making it dry and losing the natural oil of leather.
6. Use cleaning products that are specially made for leather products.
7. Before using any cleaning solution, try it on a surface that stays covered or hidden. So you can observe any possible harm.
8. Place your leather furniture away from direct contact with sunlight.
9. Apply conditioner typically made for cleaning leather, on your furniture on a periodic basis. It enables your leather furniture to last longer.

Apart from these tips, there are many other ways to safeguard your leather furniture and increase its life. If you are having any leather furniture that is too dirty to clean up and looking for some expert help, then you can contact us. We are professional cleaners who can ensure a transforming cleaning of your leather furniture that can make it look new.

Note: All these tips are of day to day cleaning. As cleaning of expensive materials is a very delicate task, it should be done by trained and skilled professionals only. Doing it on your own might result in damage.

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