Christmas Afterparty Cleaning

Astonishing Tips for Christmas Afterparty Cleaning

The presents have been unwrapped and the Secret Santa in your office was a huge success. The fridge is full of leftovers, the decorations are scattered all over the floor and employees have left for their Christmas break. The Christmas festivities in the office are over and that means its time for cleaning. At Pure N Bright, we understand the importance of gleaming offices. A sparkling office creates a lasting first impression with visitors, and staff working in a clean and healthy environment feels valued and performs better. Cleaning after Christmas party is a huge task and here are some tips by our experts that would help you in systematically cleaning your office.

Christmas Afterparty Cleaning

Dismantle and Store the Christmas Tree

The first step is to dismantle the decorations of the Christmas tree part by part. Some of these can be stored, while you need to discard the others. Things like glitter paper and paper stars would already be lying around and they can be thrown out, whereas, other ornaments like Christmas bells, stocking and ribbons can be stored for the next year. Once the decoration has come off, its time to store the tree. If you have a real tree then you can start caring for it along with regular watering while for the artificial one you can wrap in a cloth or paper and store it in the storeroom. Covering the artificial Christmas tree would avoid dust accumulation on it.

Sanitize All the Desks

The employees are off on vacation and this is the best time where a deep cleaning can be done. Sanitizing the desks would ensure a healthy work environment.

Clean the Fridge

This is the best time in the year to look at what is inside the fridge. One peep and you will find leftovers, forgotten lunches and spoiled food that your employees left behind. Before the party, make sure to inform everyone about the fridge cleaning in the holiday season. This will let them know if they want to take out anything important before it finds its place in the trash.

Sweep the Trifles from the Floor

We know you will 100% agree to this point. Usually, after a party, a lot of itsy bitsy stuff is lying all around the floor and the best way to get rid of it is a thorough sweep of the floor.

 To clean up after the Christmas party is a huge task and should always be left for professionals. Kick the new year in style by hiring the best office cleaning service. We provide you with contract cleaning in various divisions including daily contract cleaning and tiles & grout cleaning. Contact us on 1300 360 274 or visit for further information on cleaning.

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