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Busting The Biggest Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be a wonderful luxury addition to any decor – whether a home or a commercial space. Carpets have a warm and inviting feeling, making them the best of the investments. Unfortunately, the carpets are prone to wear and tear. They also show accumulation of grime or dust, bearing the brunt of stains. Especially in high traffic areas, it is nearly impossible to keep them in pristine conditions every time. This is where the professional carpet cleaning services play a major role – cleaning your expensive carpets and increasing their longevity.

Now, there are a lot of myths associated with carpet cleaning and everybody has their own share of thought. In this blog, Pure N Bright would bust the biggest myths – making it easier for the carpet owners to keep the carpets in great condition and smelling fresh always.

“Carpet cleaning is expensive. I will wait as long as possible before cleaning the carpet.” – The indoor air quality and the accumulation of allergens is directly proportional the cleanliness of your carpets. Getting them cleaned at the earliest would be an added advantage to the environmental health.

“Vacuuming the carpet a lot would ruin it.” – Vacuuming the carpet is a tedious chore and consumes time. But, vacuuming the carpet can actually remove the superficial and embedded dirt in the fibers of the carpets – increasing the longevity by decreasing the underlying damage.

“I bought this carpet just last year. Why should I clean it so early?” – By the time there is visible dirt on the surface, the grime has already broken the carpet fibers and suffered a large amount of grime accumulation. Delaying the carpet cleaning and driven by thoughts that the carpet still needs time to be cleaned can be an expensive experiment – sometimes making you need a new carpet.

“Carpet deodorisers are the ultimate solution to everything about carpets.” – The scented powders or sprays create an unnecessary addition to the carpets, making them difficult to vacuum or clean.

“I don’t need anyone to clean my carpet. I rent a machine myself.” – Though an easier option, the easily available carpet cleaning machines put a lot of water in your carpets and fail to effectively drain out all the moisture. This process increases the drying time, also making the carpets easily susceptible to mildew and mold. The machines can also damage the backing of the carpet.

For a free carpet assessment and easy quotes – call our professional carpet cleaners at Pure N Bright. With us, discover the difference professional cleaning and tips can make to your carpets!

Warning: We always highly recommend to get it done by the professionals as doing by your own it might damage your carpet.

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