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Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is as important as cleaning the floors of your houses. After all, carpets are a luxury.

Expertly cleaned carpet gives a whole new dimension not only to the room’s outlook but also add to their fragrance.

Who wouldn’t like to receive an appreciation from the visiting guests for their new looking carpets.

Once you’ve got that wonderful carpet, it won’t stay away from stains, and spills. So, what does it take to keep your carpet looking like new?

Use these Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New:

1. Vacuum your carpet at regular intervals so as to keep stains, dirt, away. That daily wear and tear of your carpet, gradually damages its material. Vacuuming regularly mitigates the damage that dirt’s abrasive element can do to the carpet fiber.

2. It’s recommended to, firstly, buy a carpet that is capable to repel dirt, and, resist stains; so as to make it easier for you to get rid of the daily dirt and dust, with simple vacuuming.

This can go a long way in ensuring that your carpet sustains its as good as new look, since its fibers can be freshened by doing so.

3. It is also highly advisable to religiously stick to the manufacturer’s directions about how stains and spilling spots should be treated.

Also, kindly don’t go hard and rough on those tough carpet stains, as doing so badly hurts the tender fibers, thereby, preventing the carpet to look like new.

4. Spills do often happen on any carpet, they cannot be avoided, and shouldn’t be rubbed aggressively, but, instead, should be attended at the earliest,with a dab to soak the spill.

5. Snags popping-out of your carpet should be cut-out with scissors, instead of being pulled-out upfront.

Pure N Bright Carpet Cleaning, based in Melbourne, is a professional carpet cleaning company, with over a decade of experience in providing domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services.

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