5 Cleaning Tips for Beds and Mattresses

Cleaning Tips for Beds and Mattresses

Do you know a person spend one third of his life on bed and mattresses? You may be giving too much importance to less important things, but not the place where you’re sleeping. Time to treat your mattress and bed with the care they deserve.

In case you don’t know where to start, I have curated a list – how to take proper care of your Beds and Mattresses

1. Frame It Right

Your mattress and the place where you put it should match properly. Any mismatch can cause discomfort at night and prolongs the life of the mattress. Check the dimension of the bed frame before going mattress shopping.

2. The Seasonal Rotation

Rotate your mattress, heel to toe, whenever the season changes—summer to autumn, autumn to winter, back and forth. Rotating mattresses help avoid sleeping “wallows” that are developed by sleeping of the same person on the same very spot every night. Check your mattress manufacturer’s guide for specific information.

3. Protection

As you know, mattresses come with “do not wash” warning. A mattress can’t be washed if dirty. The only thing you can do is to replace it. Nevertheless, you can protect your mattress from liquid spills and other nasty mishaps if you add a layer of protection over your mattress with mattress pads. They absorb spills before they can reach the bottom.

4. Vacuum and Vacuum

Make it a habit of regularly vacuuming your mattress atleast twice a week, both sides. Vacuuming mattresses not only keep them fresh and clean but also prolong their lifespan. Attach the upholstery brush to your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the top and side of the surface.

In addition, vacuum removes skin flakes and dust mites. They feed upon body waste. Vacuum is particularly recommended when performing seasonal rotation as mentioned above.

5. Safety and Cleanliness

If a persistent stain refuses to leave your mattress, don’t take a bucket of your everyday detergent and start rubbing it abruptly. This can cause irreversible damage to the mattress.

Rather, to remove a stain, use a mild shampoo, marketed these days as upholstery shampoo. These types of shampoos remove the stain without damaging the mattress. Many times mattress manufacturers provide the list of shampoos that are safe. Check your manufacturer’s manual if they provide so.

Conclusion: As they say, “Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” If you can’t sleep properly in the night, you’ll waste your next day. Don’t let that happen. Take proper care of your mattresses.

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