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Did You Forget to Clean the Hidden Dirt in Your Office?

Most of us have felt guilty for not keeping the office clean and tidy at some point. For employers and employees in Australia, office cleaning is one of the top priorities today. The cleanliness of an office can either make or break a deal. We are a professional carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, right from steam carpet cleaning in Melbourne to Leather cleaning and even commercial cleaning, we provide all the services.

Our well-trained and highly experienced cleaners only provide the best of services for both domestic and commercial cleaning. When it comes to commercial cleaning, it is a little more complicated than domestic cleaning and many cleaners miss out on the most important places.

Here’s a list of places where hidden dirt can be found in your office.

  1. Have you looked around the printers and copy machine? Quality printers provide many copies in minutes but this leads to the accumulation of tiny dirt particles that gather around, under and behind printers.
  2. Do you know where usually bugs go to die after entering your office? Yes, you guessed it right. It is the fluorescent light fixtures. Also, the collection of dust on light fixtures that are placed on a desk and on walls is responsible to dull the shine of these lights.
  3. Another place where hidden dirt has made home is the office decor. It can be the greenery, whether it is live or artificial, the amount of dust and cobwebs that cling to the foliage cannot be ignored. Additionally, there are innumerable chances of having dust on your picture frames and other such decors.

Apart from printers and copy machines or light fixtures and office decor there are many places like ceiling tiles, switch plates and doorknobs, steps, vents where there is hidden dirt which many times is left unseen. It is therefore important to always hire a reliable and professional company for your office cleaning. You can always connect with us for all your commercial cleaning requirements. At Pure and Bright, we offer a variety of cleaning services and always aim to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

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