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Don’t Waste Time! 5 Tips for Perfect Window Cleaning

A tidy house is a tidy mind. Many studies prove that a tidy home has a positive impact on minds, moods, and levels of energy. A clean home means noticing and cleaning the smallest details. It is said that the door to our souls is our eyes. Similarly, the door to our house’s soul is the windows and therefore, window cleaning is essential. At Pure N Bright, we provide faster, cleaner and safer high rise window cleaning. Here are some tips from our experts that would help you to get your windows cleaned in a faster and convenient way.

  • Dust first – A clean window appears to be shabby if the frames and sills are not cleaned. Dirty frames and sills are also one of the major causes of making your window dirty quickly. Here, you need to first trap and remove all the dust and then clean the frames and sills before you actually start cleaning your windows.

  • Start with the Insides – Once you have cleaned the frames and sills, its time to start cleaning the windows. The first step to window cleaning is starting with the cleanest areas first. This can be done by starting with the insides of your windows and then going outdoors.

  • Use swift pace – Taking more time while cleaning windows means allowing more time for water and chemicals to start drying. This can cause unsightly watermarks and residue. It is, therefore, essential to work at a swift pace.

  • Start from Top to Bottom – The biggest mistake that everyone makes is cleaning from the bottom. This cleaning mistake should be avoided when cleaning any part of the house. When you start from the bottom, by the time you get to the top, you could have created more mess than what would have cleaned. Once you start from the top, you can try and cover every corner and clean up every bit of dirt.

  • Use super-absorbent cloth – The secret to a professional finish is to ensure that everything is cleaned and dried. You can take care of every drip and streak by wiping away your windows with a super-absorbent cloth. An absorbent cloth will act as a perfect tool for drying and buffing marks for a crystal-clear finish.

Everyone can clean a window. But not everyone can get the job done properly and professionally. Professional cleaning company experts have the required experience and tools needed to give you a spick and span window. You can call our window cleaners in Melbourne at 1300 360 274 and note the difference for yourself.

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