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Spring Cleaning tips

Spring is that time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade. It’s the time for warmer weather, fresh flowers and longer days. The time to dust off all those winter layers in your home and throw your doors open for the warmth of spring and flowering season. Spring is right around the corner, and we know what you are dreading – Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is when you let the air out of your home after months of being closed against the harsh winters and get organised. Spring cleaning is no fun task, and everyone tries to procrastinate it for as long as possible, but here are some tips from our professionals that might assist you with the labour-intensive house cleaning jobs.

Your dreaded cleaning weekend sounds like a nightmare only if not planned. It is, therefore, essential to schedule your cleaning first. You can sit and make a list of your to-do things. Our team from Pure N Bright says that while making the to-do list, make sure to write in detail the jobs that need to be done and prioritise them from the most to least significant. A to-do clean list will help you in knowing where to begin, and you will also feel satisfied once you keep ticking the tasks that get completed.

The plan is ready, and you are prepared to start. But wait! Before getting into action, there is one more vital task that needs to be performed – Decluttering. If you declutter and organise, you will have fewer items to clean. First get rid of those things that you haven’t used this whole season like clothing, shoes, and accessories. Once your closet is decluttered, the next is the kitchen. Get rid of glasses that don’t match, random mugs who no one uses and poor condition utensils. Just let them go as they would be of no use.

The next step is to go step by step, according to the wishlist and tackle every part of the cleaning. Being one of the best steam carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne, a pro tip from our experts says that a vacuum underneath the rug and furniture might even fetch you some lost coins.

Spring cleaning is the time to mop, polish, sort and vacuum every nook and corner but some tedious cleaning tasks cannot be performed alone, and therefore we recommend hiring experts like Pure N Bright for your cleaning.

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