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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning After Christmas

With the ongoing Holidays, there are guests and there are a lot of festivities around. Amidst the festive fervour, the carpets suffer the most with high foot traffic in the house. You can never imagine, how badly your carpets would be affected during the Christmas season. As everyone likes to start fresh at New Year, we feel that includes your carpets too. Whether it is the food stains, spilt drinks, dirty footprints or pet danger, there are many eco-friendly carpet cleaning ideas to use after Christmas.

What does eco-friendly carpet cleaning mean? Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is an alternative to chemicals which are generally used to clean the carpets. The chemicals can degrade the environment and pose serious health-related risks.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

With over-the-counter carpet cleaning products, there are high risks of health problems, such as vomiting, headaches, asthma, skin allergies, cancer, kidney problems or liver damage. As most of the carpet cleaning chemicals contain harmful toxins like pesticides and formaldehyde, their fumes are released into the environment. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning can benefit in a lot of ways.

  • Health – Reduced indoor air pollution
  • Use of liquid cleaners – By using basic products from household or green products from the market, carpet cleaning is much easier
  • Steam Cleaning is more effective – Heated and pressurised vapours cleans the carpet fibres deeply and effectively
  • Powdered cleaners – These effectively absorb moisture and odours from the carpets

If you are looking for professional help with Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning After Christmas in Melbourne, contact Pure N Bright Cleaning. We use all-natural and organic plant-based solutions which are safe for the environment and the carpets.

Warning: We always highly recommend to get it done by the professionals as doing by your own it might damage your carpet.

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