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Expert Tips : Is Carpet Protection Worth it?

In any home decor, the most expensive investment is definitely a carpet. Respecting that fact, they demand all possible maintenance and routine cleaning efforts. Believe us when we say that with proper care, the carpets can last a lifetime. Apart from all the regular carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and stain removal – a carpet also needs and deserves a wax coating for it to gleam and have the extra protection from accidents.

Nonetheless, the worth of carpet protection depends on the usage. Do you have pets and kids who move around over the carpet a lot? Do you host parties and guests, with your carpets experiencing spills? If the answer to the two basic question is a ‘yes’, the carpet protection is worth the money for you. It is wiser to invest in carpet protection than to get the carpets cleaned every now and then.

HOW DOES CARPET PROTECTION WORK? It works by simply repealing the dirt, grime and unwanted particles from the carpet fibers. With this, it prevents the carpet fibers from absorbing the spills and causing unpleasant stains and odors. With a strong protective layer, the carpets also suffer less wear and UV damage which can result in premature fading. Carpet protection is always an advantage in high traffic areas. Over the time, the carpet protection wears off and needs a re-application.


  • Spills and spots clean up easily
  • Longevity of the carpets increases considerably
  • Regular tasks like vacuuming become easier and hassle-free
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Best for high traffic area rugs and carpets
  • Features – stain resistance, soil protection, grease resistance

Life is full of surprises, especially when it comes to carpets. With carpet protection, you won’t have to worry about the spilled spaghetti, dry dirt from the shoes, water-based spills, pet danders and more. At Pure N Bright, the carpet stain protectors are highly recommended – for fresh smelling and cleaner carpets. Call us now for a free quote!

Choose the best for your carpets!

Warning: We always highly recommend to get it done by the professionals as doing by your own it might damage your carpet.

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