Fall Is in the Air! Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Are Here

The summer has almost come to an end and it’s time for autumn. The leaves shall soon begin to change colours and warm comfort food will start making its way to our tables. It’s time to replace the wardrobe with warmer clothes that remind us of the upcoming winter. Most Australians choose the spring for their yearly cleaning, however, many people choose the fall to do so. Autumn means breezy days. Everyone loves fresh and cool air which makes us open our windows allowing an easy entry for dust and mud to our homes. Most of us have everything in place, like a proper schedule to clean the gutters, dust the furniture and bring out the winter essentials. In this hustle and bustle of household chores, most of us often forget our good old carpet. But no more, here are some of the tips from the best steam carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. At Pure N Bright, we understand what kind of stains your carpet can have this season and here are our tips on how to overcome them.

Know Your Carpet

The simplest way to know your carpet is to have a look at it. The visual appearance and the texture of your carpet will tell you in minutes how deep cleaning is needed. Remember to turn on all your lights and then perform a cursory examination by looking for darker spots and discolouration. You can also compare the carpet area under your furniture with the one that is exposed and check the difference for yourself.

Pretreat Stains

Just imagine you are having some important guests over and everything is pitch and perfect. You are having a lovely time and suddenly your guests notice the old stain on your carpet which you couldn’t remove. It can be extremely embarrassing. We understand that stains on your carpet look horrible and it is always suggested to pre-treat the stains until you get professional help. In this process, however, always remember to blot and not scrub the stain.

Treat High Traffic Areas

It is always said prevention is better than cure. The biggest culprits dirtying your carpet are dust and mud. It is, therefore, important to treat high traffic areas. One of the biggest high traffic areas is the entrance of your home. You can place doormats at the entrance and adopt a no-shoe policy. Placing a doormat would ensure that most of the mud brought in by children and pets get accumulated on the door rug instead of going till the carpet and contaminating the fabric.

In-Depth Cleaning

At Pure N Bright, we understand carpeting is expensive and every house owner wants to maintain their carpet for the long term. It is, therefore, important to opt for professional cleaning services. You can connect with us on 1300 360 274 or visit us to know about our carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.

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