tile and grout cleaning ideas

Grout and Tile Cleaning Ideas

Are your floor’s tiles turning murky, stained because of grout? Mopping and other sorts of everyday cleaning are not very effective when it comes to grout dirt removal. Although for heavy grout you should contact a grout-cleaning specialist in your city, you can clean smaller, less stubborn grout stains by yourself.

Getting Started

For the best grout-cleaning results, use a stiff nylon brush or an old toothbrush. Their flexible yet strong bristles can reach far.

Let us start with the do’s and don’ts of tile cleaning

  • Brushes with metal bristles are more effective against stubborn grout but they’ll scratch the surface
  • Before cleaning, clean wall tiles and grout with water to eliminate any unattached surface rubbles.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach on coloured grout as it causes bruising.
  • Do not clean sandstone or other natural stones with domestic cleaners.

Grout & Tile Cleaning Methods—using natural products

There are in fact a few means of cleaning your tiles, but here are a few that use domestic items you perhaps already have readily available:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great natural sanitiser and is safer and cheaper than chlorine bleach.

  • Fill 50% hydrogen peroxide aqua solution and a few drops of dish soap in a spray-bottle
  • Spray solution onto grout
  • Wipe it out after 15 minutes

Regularly spraying this solution in your bathroom will keep moulds and mildew from growing in bathroom.

Baking Soda

Form paste of water and baking soda
Blend till it looks like toothpaste
Apply the paste over grout
After 5-15 minutes brush the area and wash with a moist paper towel

White Vinegar

Mix vinegar with water in a 2:1 ratio
Add a few drops of dish soap
Spray it on the grout
After 15 minutes wipe clean the area with a damp cloth
Adding a small amount of baking soda will counteract acidity of the vinegar
Now clean with water

Avoid this technique on limestone, travertine and marble (or other alkaline stones), as they’re usually sensitive to acids.


You can keep dirt off your tiles by putting a grout sealer once every year. As dirt naturally breaks down with frequent cleanings, the use of bleach or vinegar will quicken up the process but make sure not to be harsh with you floors and exceedingly clean them!

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