Whether it is your wardrobe or the great looking sofa in the living room, the bed or the dining table in your outdoor space – upholstery is everybody’s favourite possession. Keeping the value they hold in consideration, it is very crucial to provide them with the required maintenance and cleanliness. This would not only prolong the life of all the upholstery but prevent them from stubborn stains, unwanted pests, mildew and grime.

Regular cleaning can grab dirt before it becomes the part of the furniture. For the most effective and long lasting cleaning solution, owners can hire professional upholstery cleaners. But if you want to take the challenge of cleaning your upholstery yourself, you can do it in few easy steps. Pure N Bright Cleaning makes it simple for you!

1. CLEAN THE BIG CHUNKS OF PARTICLES FIRST: Upholstery is used almost every single day and hour. We eat on them, sleep on them, sit on them and end up spending a lot of time around them. Easy techniques like brushing and dusting can be used to get rid of the accidentally dropped snacks or gravies.

2. VACUUM THE TINY PARTICLES: Upholstery holds many particles which are not easily visible to us. Vacuuming the furniture with a dusting brush attachment is the most effective way to accomplish this step.

3. USE CLEANING SOLUTION FOR STAINS: There are many quality upholstery cleaning solutions available in the market. All the owners have to do is to pick the perfect one, keeping the upholstery fabric or material in consideration. If you want a quick cleaner, DIY by mixing one-fourth of a normal detergent to one cup warm water. It is recommended to mix all the cleaning solutions with water because adding them directly on the stain can make the fabric weak and faded.

4. RINSE THE AREA: Wiping the stained area gently with a damp white cloth is ideal. After rinsing the area, let it dry completely. After drying, always examine the stain again and repeat rinsing, if required.

5. LET DRY COMPLETELY: Keep the ceiling fans on and keep the room ventilated until the wet spots in the upholstery dry up completely. Moreover, putting them under direct sunlight prevents the upholstery from attracting pests and mildew.

If you still need professional upholstery cleaning services, get a free quote or call us on 1300 360 274. Pure N Bright Cleaning is open 7 days a week and provides same-day services.

Warning: We always highly recommend getting it done by professionals as doing it on your own might damage your upholstery.

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