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Importance of Pressure Washing your Sidings

Most homeowners concentrate on refurbishing their home’s old parts, such as doors, ceilings, windows, and decors, but give little thought to the condition of the siding of their home. Siding is as important as any other structural variable, the truth of the matter is. Sidings have a big role to play in keeping your house in one piece.

In fact, when it comes to preserving the aesthetic value, siding can be one of the most important components of your home. So, do you paint the current siding on your house or stain it? If you ask this question yourself, the answer is possibly yes. It’s time to take action when you note the fading or peeling off of the siding.

Cleaning Some Siding Styles

Pressure washing on the outside of your home for the siding can be a bit of a tricky problem, but pressure cleaning Wellington Florida can help you clean the outside of your home as long as you have the correct form of siding. As long as the siding is in good condition, vinyl siding and fibre cement siding will usually be pressure washed with little or no problems. As long as the pressure is not too high, aluminium siding can be washed under pressure (since aluminium can dent under excessive pressure). You will need to check to see if your exterior paint is lead-based prior to pressure washing if you have wooden siding and your house was built before 1978.

If the exterior of your organisation looks clean and welcoming, clients may correctly conclude that the interior of the building is also clean. Put clients at ease.

Popular Siding Stains

Filth or Dirt

Dirt is the most basic stain on your home that you’ll see. There are many ways in which dirt ties itself to your hand, some of which are induced by the materials. For instance, if there is a bad storm with a lot of wind, you can blow loose dirt and mud through the air and end up in your building. Conversely, when you are landscaping or something similar around your house, you may also cause dirt to end up on your hand.


If you see green things, mostly found on the north side of the building, on your side, it means that the algae have attached themselves to the side. Algae is one of the most prevalent advances that homeowners can see at home. The sources of the siding algae are not always clear, but bodies of water are the most frequent source. Lakes, for instance, hosts algal blooming that is aggravated by sewage and runoff into the lake. This contamination makes it possible for the algae to feed and expand, which it will do until it becomes airborne and starts to stick to your siding and feed off the soil. While algae will not cause structural harm, if it is not advertised, it may insert itself into the siding.

Mildew and Mold

Siding-forming mould and mildew are caused by the accumulation of moisture on the siding. When the moisture originates in a part of the building that receives little or no sunshine, the risk of mould or mildew forming on the siding increases. Like algae, soil that already occurs on the siding feeds off mould and mildew. Both mould and mildew are both fungi, but they look at them differently. Although mildew appears to range from white to yellow, mould is primarily green or black in colour. In particular, due to the health threats it presents, mould should be eliminated.

Renovation Planning

Make sure you pressure wash gets rid of any dirt that may inconvenience you in later phases of renovations before embarking on any exterior renovations. This move is recommended and should never be skipped. For better results, the instructions on the most common materials such as sealant tubes, stain bottles, and paint tell you to begin with a clean surface. For cleaning and peeling layers that may cause problems for new applications over time, pressure washing is important.

Your side of the house speaks volumes about your personality, who you are, and what you want. It’s either a success or a failure; there’s no room in between. Go through the colour palette on the colour wheel to make sure that you are on the winning side. Never force your home with colours if it doesn’t have a natural way to break them. Often opt for less complex combinations of colours.

Wrapping Up

By professionally washing the exterior of your house, it removes an extra job for your maintenance team. In order to concentrate on running your company, this will bring more time back into your day. We apply advanced cleansers to your siding using a soft wash system that will eliminate any dirt, algae, mould, or mildew.

We then conduct a comprehensive, secure pressure rinse to carry the lustre back to your home. If the once-beautiful look of the exterior of your home is spoiled by algae, dirt, mould, or mildew, the experts at Pure N Bright Cleaning are ready to restore and protect your biggest investment. Click here for more detail on our washing operation.

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