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Is Window Cleaning Services Essential For your Indoor Air Quality?

It’s easy to forget sometimes how good it’s to have clean windows before you get them done. Although some people are wrestling with the question ‘how often should I be cleaning my windows? ‘, (and many think it’s just when you go home) the solution is shockingly simple: clean your windows when you’re tired of seeing dirty windows!

But, of course, it is not that easy actually. When people ask “how much should I be cleaning my windows? ‘What should they really wonder is when do I get my windows washed to keep them clean for the longest time?

It does make sense. Cleaning the windows is hard work! We are passionate about squeaky-clean windows, we’re glad to admit that maintaining superior cleanliness can be a daunting job. It has a lot more to professional window cleaning than just spraying, scrub, repeating.

However, as a general thumb rule, you can be assured a wonderfully clean and transparent view by having your windows washed about every three months with the help of Pure and Bright window cleaning services.

Factors to consider when deciding when you should have your windows cleaned is the weather.

Window cleaning throughout the seasons

One of the main misconceptions about window cleaning is that doing it in the warm months is just sensible. That is not the case! The only way we’d suggest avoiding the washing up your windows is in the middle of a major storm of heavy rain and hurling winds. And we’d also suggest having us around to clean the windows as soon as the storm is calm.

In any season, there are pros and cons in having your windows washed.

Spring Spring is usually the most common time to have your windows washed. They do not for nothing call it ‘spring cleaning!’ Overall, the weather is pleasant; however, pollen will build upon outside glass windows and make them look dirtier faster.

Summer A remarkably good time to get your windows washed due to the quick drying time and reduced chances of rain, summer is just a bad time for the person sweating the ladder up! Luckily at Pure and Bright Cleaning, we are pretty good. During the summer we’re very busy so make sure you book in advance to prevent disappointment!

Autumn Unless it’s an exceptionally rainy few months, autumn is a perfect time for cleaning your windows. The temperature is not too hot, so there is less risk of drying up cleaning products and leaving dust on your window panes, and at the same time, you can also get cleaning your gutters.

Winter Getting your windows washed in winter is an incredibly good idea, considering the fact that it’s the rainiest season-clean rain doesn’t really bring any dirt back on your windows. It is all filthy rain you have to think about … And dirty weather is usually wind-driven weather, following a long, dry summer period.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning quality windows is a great value for money and a long-term investment in your house or for your office. When you think about it, a number of pollutants are continually exposed to windows that lead them to become dirty, stained, and even destroyed. From hard rocks, soil, and contaminants that collect from the fugitive neighborhood pigeon over time to daily bird droppings, everyday windows take a battering.

Your option is perfectly crystal clear. At Pure and Bright, we provide seven days a week high-quality window cleaning services, and we know how to make your windows look spotless every time.

We are completely licensed and certified and most importantly, we understand that when it comes to window cleaning, you want to get the best bang for your buck. We’re going to work around you, we’re going to equip you with tips and strategies from experts to preserve the shine of your window between cleans, and we’re going to avoid potential mould and mildew issues.

If you are looking for the window cleaning services in Melbourne, do contact us today on or Call us now  1300 360 274

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