Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather in any form is expensive, with special reference to the leather couch in your living room. With such an investment, the owners need to treat the leather right for great longevity and much-needed protection to your valued investment. Apart from regular cleaning, there is a lot that needs to be considered when it comes to leather upholstery or leather furniture cleaning and conditioning. Pure N Bright is a leading expert in leather cleaning Melbourne, serving to the needs of clients from various residential and commercial backgrounds. In this blog, we will talk about a comprehensive range of leather cleaning in a safe and effective way.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD THE LEATHER UPHOLSTERY AND FURNITURE BE CLEANED? As leather is very porous and has high tendency to soak dirt and grime, the furniture and upholstery can develop unpleasant dark spots in long term. We highly recommend getting your leather cleaned by professional twice a year. With routine maintenance, the leather can also last through three generations. What more can be a valued familial possession than a comfortable leather sofa?

WHAT IF YOUR LEATHER UPHOLSTERY AND FURNITURE IS ALREADY STAINED AND DAMAGED? Call the professionals from Pure N Bright as we are professionally trained to revamp your leather and prevent its natural shade from going irreversibly dull. With great expertise in leather cleaning Melbourne at highly competitive rates, we can handle the following services with 100% customer satisfaction!

  • Leather chair cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Leather sofa & armchair cleaning
  • Leather wall-panel cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

BASIC TIPS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LEATHER FOR HIGH DURABILITY: Leather adds a lot of charm to any decor, but also requires a lot of routine maintenance to let its charm last. To prolong the life of your leather upholstery and furniture, you should keep the following in consideration always!

  • Avoid using chemical cleaners or polishes. Use an eco-friendly alternative to avoid damage to your leather.
  • The leather is prone to water damage, so avoid treating spills or stains with any type of water. Use blotting technique, instead.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat on the leather to avoid fading, drying or cracking.
  • Follow leather cleaning by gentle conditioning to replenish the moisture and guard the stains.
  • Always trust the professionals for effective results! Make the right choice to protect your leather and prolong its life.

If you are looking for trusted professional leather cleaning Melbourne for the finest care of your upholstery and furniture leather, contact us today on 1300 360 274 for a FREE no-obligation quote!

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