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Preparing For The Holidays? Don’t Forget Upholstery!

Whether you’re hosting a party every weekend or a family gathering between Christmas and New Year’s Day, you need a clean and healthy home.

In this blog, you’ll read why you need professional upholstery cleaners before your first-holiday party or family gathering. If you think that flooring only needs to be professionally cleaned, then you are wrong. Your upholstery needs to be steam cleaned too.

Here are some reasons to have your upholstery cleaned regularly.

It keeps your furniture looking sparkling clean.

It is recommended to call a professional upholstery cleaning company periodically for maintaining stunning decor in your home. Sometimes, old food gets stuck in the cushions or stains from coffee or soda also refuse to budge from the furniture. Instead, get those stains, and other dirt out of your furniture with the professional upholstery cleaning service.  Your sofas, chairs and other furniture will look new and smell fresh with our upholstery cleaning service.

It also keeps your family healthy.

Like carpeting, your furniture’s upholstery can hold onto dirt, pet dander, mould, allergens and stains.  Unfortunately, you can’t see the allergens and pollutants from the naked eyes that linger deep inside your furniture. Without the proper cleaning, your favourite sofa will be the home for dust mites which can create havoc on your health, especially for people with breathing issues, such as asthma.

Improve your home’s overall air quality

Most people don’t realise that the upholstery acts as a giant air filter inside your home. Dust and allergens rested on the soft surface, then gets stirred back into the air causing poor indoor air quality. Professional cleaning can get rid of problems and remove mould, dust, mildew, and allergens.  It is similar to changing out and cleaning your AC filters regularly.

For the upcoming holiday season, welcome your guests into your home with freshly cleaned tile, carpet and upholstery. If you’re going to have a busy household in the upcoming days, call us now to get your flooring and furniture steam cleaned.

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