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Rug cleaning

Do you know how much important your rugs are to you and your family members?

Rugs are the biggest air filter available in your home. Over the time, rugs collect stains, spills, pet dander, pollen, dust, loose dirt, hair, and other debris. Even the direct sunlight can cause a rug damage. These all pose great health risks, especially for children and seniors.

All of these pollutants and particles filter to the base of the rug fibres, and cannot be vacuumed up easily with the vacuum machine. The environmental research also suggests that If you do not clean your rug regularly, it could be up to 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

The best way to solve this problem is by hiring a consistent and professional rug cleaning service.

What Can Cause Damage Your Rugs?

Children and pets make the carpet dirty easily:

Kids and pets are synonymous to “messy.” Your kids or pets can spill off liquids like juice, coffee, or milk, which can make your rugs soggy and dirty. Even if you try to dry it after sponging out the liquids, some of the milk and sweet particles stay stuck to the thread. This might trigger unwanted infections later. So, if you have pets and kids at home take proper care of the rugs and get it cleaned them often.

Removes allergens and pet dander:

Regular rug cleaning helps your family members stay away from the harmful allergens and pet dander. If these are not removed on time, they might cause infections and illnesses. So, you must clean your rugs properly to keep your kids and pets safe.

Clean rugs keep diseases at bay:

The dirt accumulated in the rugs might increase the risk of asthma as well as eczema in your children and in the pets. Thus, by cleaning the rugs properly, you can cut the dangers of asthma. Moreover, the clean rugs also cut the inhalation of dirt and dust particles. As a result, your children can get the fresh air. This improvement in the air quality makes the children as well as the kids hale and hearty.

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten your rug cleaned? Contact our experts at Pure N Bright Cleaning and schedule your cleaning appointment today!

Warning: We always highly recommend to get it done by the professionals as doing by your own it might damage your rug.

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