Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Rug Cleaning in Melbourne - A Quality care for your rug- Leave it all to us! We recognize that your rug is an important part of your home interiors and being a respected provider of rug cleaning in Melbourne we believe in giving it the maximum care. Our rug cleaning in Melbourne service and treatment uses dedicated practices to avoid shrinkage and threat of fading of the rug while achieving the impressive results. Our professionals from Melbourne rug cleaners clean all types of rugs: Synthetic & Wool, as well as oriental fine rugs: Chinese and Indian, silk, antique, Persian, Pakistani, Afghani and handmade. We offer on site rug cleaning where the trained professional will come do it for you without any hassle to you.

Rug Cleaning

A regular synthetic rug can be cleaned using our steam cleaning method which is deemed most effective for the rug cleaning. The operators inject hot water/ steam into the fibers of the rug which unties and removes the filth and dust.

Protect your valuable rug

After cleaning, we recommend applying stains protectors to avoid further staining and to stay rugs cleaner for a longer period.
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