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Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Superior Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

Your rugs are not just decorative elements of your home or office. These also add warmth to your interiors and provide enhanced comfort. However, these rugs are expensive and therefore require regular cleaning and maintenance. Unclean rugs can also have a detrimental effect on the heath of your employees or family due to the germs and bacteria hidden in the fibres. Additionally, rug cleaning can also lead to your interiors looking brighter and extend the life of your rugs.

Are you looking for quality care for your rug? Leave it to Pure N Bright! We realise that your rug is an important part of your home interiors and being a respected provider of rug cleaning in Melbourne, we believe in giving it the maximum care. Our rug cleaning service and treatment uses dedicated practices to avoid shrinkage and threat of fading of the rug while achieving the impressive results.

Types of Rugs Cleaned by Our Professional Rug Cleaners

Pure N Bright Cleaning’s professional rug cleaners clean all types of rugs. We cover the following varieties:

  • Synthetic rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Oriental fine rugs
  • Chinese and Indian rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Antique rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Afghani rugs
  • Handmade rugs

We offer on site rug cleaning in Melbourne where the trained professional will come to the place of your choice and clean your rugs hassle free.


2-Way Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

Our professional rug cleaners use two methods of rug cleaning depending on the type of your rug.

Hand Cleaning

Under this method, antique, oriental, silk and other delicate rugs can be cleaned by rinsing them and foaming using special shampoo. This shampooing is done by hand. Post this, the rugs are washed off and dried.

Steam Cleaning

Through this method, we remove the dirt particles from the deepest fibres of your synthetic rug. The operators inject hot water/ steam into the fibers of the rug which unties and removes the filth and dust. This is the most trusted rug cleaning method.

Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons to choose Pure N Bright Cleaning for rug cleaning in Melbourne. Some of the things that make us better than competitors are mentioned below.

  • We have a team of experienced professional rug cleaners.
  • Our staff is completely trained and insured.
  • We use effective and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Our services are available at a competitive price.
  • We promise 100% satisfaction.
  • We customise our rug cleaning process as per your requirement.
  • We use industrial power cleaning equipment.

If you are looking for rug cleaning in Melbourne, give our professional rug cleaners a call today and ensure complete cleanliness as well as hygiene.

Our Process for Effective Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

Pure N Bright uses an effective process in order to remove any dust, dirt or germs from your rugs, thus making them look and feel brand new. Our rug cleaning in Melbourne includes the following steps.


Our professional rug cleaners will inspect your rugs for all stains, discolourations and more. They will also check the material in order to determine the cleaning method to be used. They will then explain the entire cleaning process to you and specify the kind of results you can expect.


Our cleaners will use compressed air to remove surface dirt, dust and more from the fibres of your rug.


In order to make sports and stains easy to remove through our cleaning process, our staff will apply a special biodegradable product on these. We will also use a solution on your rug that will break down the dirt particles, making them easy to clean off without damaging your rug soil.


We will either use a special shampoo to wash your delicate rugs using hands or choose a steam cleaning method. This will depend on the type of the rug to be cleaned.


We will hang your rugs only after they are properly cleaned. This is done so that the rug pile of certain kinds of rugs is not damaged.


Our experienced rug cleaners will take care that all spots, stains and dirt has been cleaned completely.

Through this, we will ensure that your rugs are restored to their original glory. We also provide hoovering and deodorising services on request. We also recommend using stain protectors to help avoid further staining and to let your rugs remain clean for a longer time.

Rug Cleaning

A regular synthetic rug can be cleaned using our steam cleaning method which is deemed most effective for the rug cleaning. The operators inject hot water/ steam into the fibers of the rug which unties and removes the filth and dust.


Protect your valuable rug

After cleaning, we recommend applying stains protectors to avoid further staining and to stay rugs cleaner for a longer period.

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