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Saving the Flooded Carpet : Prevent Mold and Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem for the carpets and inevitably causes a lot of grief. Whether it is plumbing, a broken pipe, sink overflow, water seeping or flooding – every water related factor can harm your carpets considerably. If not addressed at the earlier stages, they can cause a wide array of problems, including harmful mold growth, odor, allergic reactions, and even permanent damage to the carpet fibers.

In all the cases, the easiest and effective solution is to reach out to professional carpet cleaners Melbourne for an inspection. They can decide if the carpets need to be replaced, as most of the times they can be salvaged. The extent to which your water damaged carpet can be saved depends on the following conditions:

  • Source and type of water the carpet is exposed to
  • Duration for which the carpet has been exposed to water
  • Condition of the carpet before being water damaged


  • Find the source of water leakage and stop the leak: Try to prevent the carpet from soaking more water and damage
  • Clean the carpet as much as possible: Keep the carpet in a ventilated area. A water clogged carpet needs to be cleaned and disinfected to make them safe for further use.
  • Remove the affected carpet padding: Removing the base of the infected carpet, in case of mould or mildew is important.
  • Dry the carpet: Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is important in this step as a lot of power air blowing and dehumidifiers are required for the damaged carpets. The process can last up to 36 hours, depending on the condition of the carpet.
  • Report to Home Insurance Company: The earlier you inform, the lower would be the costs of the restoration.

Every water damaged carpet needs a different treatment and there is no fixed protocol for such situations. The best way to save your investments is to take assistance from a professional carpet restoration and cleaning company. They evaluate and determine the best solution for your carpets through experts. If you are in Melbourne, call Pure N Bright for affordable carpet cleaning services!

We believe that most of the carpets can be saved!

Warning: We always highly recommend to get it done by the professionals as doing by your own it might damage your carpet.

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