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Secret Tips to Make Your Upholstery Last Long

Want to make your upholstery last longer? Want to make your upholstery shine brighter and appear to be as good as new? If the answer is yes, we are here with the best cleaning secrets. At Pure N Bright, our experts provide the best cleaning services and we specialise in upholstery cleaning. 

It’s time to save your hard-earned money by investing in beautiful furniture upholstery and then maintaining it too. Today, the maximum time spent at home is on your couch and here are some secret tips by our experts as to how you can make your couch fabric last long and appear the best always. 

Regular Vacuum

Yes, this might sound like something very common but vacuuming your upholstery can work wonders. Couches collect dust and dirt that sits on top of fibres making them look dull and worn out. In addition to this, if you have pets or children, vacuuming becomes of paramount importance. Children have the habit of dropping food crumbles and those tits and bits get stuck into the nook and corners of your couch. Also removing the pet hairs can be a difficult task and therefore vacuuming is essential at regular intervals.  

Take Care of Spills Immediately

Planning to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot coffee after a long day? And what if while you are enjoying your drink, your dog decides to jump next to you. Bam!, you spill your drink. Now the best thing that can be done here is to prevent the spill from getting soaked into your couch. Never rub or scrub the stain. Rubbing the stain with a cloth or brush can cause more damage to your fibre. All you need to do is grab a soft dry cloth and dab it on the stain. You can keep blotting until you have removed as much liquid as possible. 

Check the Labels

Furniture manufacturers use different codes on the labels of the fabrics. These care labels include the cleaning instructions for that particular leather. Some of the common codes are as follows;

  • W – Water and water-based detergents can be used to clean the fabric.
  • S – Dry solvent cleaning is only to be used. Water or water-based detergents should not be used. 
  • WS – Here, you can use either water-based detergents or solvents to clean this fabric. 
  • X – When your leather furniture has this code, it means you need only professional cleaning or vacuuming and not water or solvents that can cause damage or discolouration. 

These are simple yet some of the important things that would make your furniture upholstery last longer. Vacuuming and general cleaning are always good. In addition to this, it is also important to get your fabric professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning company knows everything that is related to your couch cleaning. If you try any DIY method for the fabric of your couch, there are chances you might end up spending much more than needed by causing immense damage to the fabric during the cleaning procedure. It is therefore recommended to take professional help. Connect with us for more information. 

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