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Simple Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer

Summer is the busiest time of the year for most Australians. Christmas and New Year celebration gets into the full swing with families and friends attending home parties.

Moreover, the warmer months also see children and pets spending time outdoors enjoying the pleasant weather. With these activities, most of us will see more foot traffic on the carpets. Result? – Carpets get dirty and even smelly!

So, here are some easy carpet cleaning tips for summer:

Make your Home a Shoe-Free Zone- Children love playing outdoors, and they also enjoy running on the carpets with their muddy feet. Result? – Your carpet becomes dirty, muddy and smelly. The most effective way to avoid this is to make your home a shoe-free zone. Put a shoe rack near your front door, so everyone (your kids, too) can leave their shoes in the stand, preventing the accumulation of dirt in the carpet fabric.

Place a Doormat – Placing a doormat at the front door is the best way to ensure the outdoor dirt does not enter your house and your carpet. Consider buying a doormat that is made of materials that can easily remove and trap the dirt, mud and moisture.

Vacuum Regularly- Are you having back-to-back parties at home during the holidays? This means your carpet will get more foot traffic than usual. Therefore, stick to a vacuum schedule. Regular vacuuming helps to remove dirt and other dust particles from the surface.

Call a Professional Cleaner – Even after following the above tips, if anything goes wrong, call a professional cleaner. A professional carpet cleaning service makes your carpet germ-free and healthy. They use advanced equipment to extract the pollen, pet fecal, dirt, dust, mud and other contaminants from the deepest part of the carpet. Moreover, having your carpets professionally cleaned also extends the life of your carpet.

Don’t want to spend the summer relaxing and enjoying yourself with your friends, call Pure N Bright Cleaning to get extensive carpet cleaning solutions at highly affordable rates.

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