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carpet cleaning tips melbourne

Just as we wash our clothes, cleaning your carpet is important too. Why? Because the carpet starts accumulating dust from our daily activities. Every time we pass over it, the dirt from our feet is transferred to the carpet. Over the time, due to the accumulation the carpets get dirty and the carpet needs cleaning.

A clean carpet not only makes your home feel clean and fresh but also avoids dust allergies and increases carpet’s lifespan. Thus, carpets require healthy maintenance; otherwise, they pose severe threats.

However, cleaning a carpet is not an easy job for an individual while a professional carpet cleaner may charge you dearly. The best option is to learn some DIY carpet cleaning tips.

  1. Prevention is the best cure, without a doubt. Don’t put a carpet on the entrance or pathways.
  2. Don’t walk on the carpet with wet foot. Always make sure your feet are dry and clean.
  3. Don’t walk on the carpet with footwear on. The dirt attached to the footwear will enter the surface of carpet.
  4. Put doormats at the entrance to make sure the maximum dirt is removed at the entrance. Like carpets, dirt can also be accumulated over doormats. Doormats are much easier to clean than carpets though. Clean them at a regular interval.
  5. Do not brush the tints on your carpet severely as it can extend and make the fibres fragile.
  6. Avoid using heat of any type on the carpet. Iron or a heating element of any type can make a stain permanent.
  7. Steam cleaning is a feasible preference for carpets. A deep cleaning machine will give the best outcomes that is why you should always hire a professional carpet cleaner.
  8. Clean your carpet at least once every six months. Spring and summer are the best times to for deep cleaning. Bugs like beetles and microbes sneak in under your carpet during this time.
  9. In case of liquid spill over the carpet, soak the spill with a soft cloth quickly so that it won’t become a stain. Regular remedies like using lemon juice, vinegar, a salt solution, or normal water should be avoided.
  10. Use a more diluted solution for mild stains and a potent solution for persistent stains.
  11. Nevertheless, vacuum your carpet once every week. Vacuuming on regular intervals with a good quality vacuum cleaner will keep your carpet clean for a longer interval before you need deep cleaning.


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