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Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips

Summers are known for being the most active time of the year in any household. With the kids at home, families around and many festive get-togethers, there is a lot of traffic around the house – all affecting the carpets the most. With candle wax, icecreams, cakes, desserts, sumptuous food and drinks, the carpets are easily stained and feel dirtier. In such a situation, the best solution is to hire professional carpet cleaning services like Pure N Bright Cleaning in Melbourne. We are leading and professional carpet cleaners, specialising in affordable and eco-friendly carpet cleaning services for all types of carpets.

Request guests to keep the shoes away: Shoes carry the maximum grease, dirt and debris in the soles. They are the easiest way of bringing the grime in the homes and on the carpets. Removing the shoes outside the home can prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris in the carpet fibres.

Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming the carpets once a week is important according to Australian standards, but vacuuming regularly during the summer is an added advantage. Vacuuming effectively reduces dust, dirt, residues and allergens which are embedded in the carpets or can embed deeper in the fibres. Overall, this can increase the longevity of your carpets by reducing wear & tear.

Use rugs, mats and runners in high traffic areas: These immensely reduce the impact on the carpets. Placing these on the entrances, patio, porch, decks and pools can take all the stress involved in cleaning the soiled carpets.

Attend to the stains immediately, whenever possible: To prevent the debris or stains from sinking deep into the carpet fibres, use microfibre cloth in lukewarm water over the stain immediately.

Don’t panic! Hire Professional carpet cleaners: For everything beyond your control when it comes to carpets, there are professional carpet cleaners to help. It is highly recommended to get the carpets cleaned twice a year from certified professionals to extend the life of the expensive carpets.

If you want to spend the summer relaxing and being stress-free, call Pure N Bright Cleaning for affordable carpet cleaning solutions across Melbourne. We ensure hassle-free services with eco-friendly cleaning products which won’t harm your domestic environment.

Warning: We always highly recommend getting it done by professionals as doing it on your own might damage your carpet.

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