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Tips for a Clean Carpet

Today most of the carpet manufacturers and sellers recommend using commercial carpet cleaning services for a clean and healthy carpet. The best carpet cleaning in Melbourne to look for is carpet steam cleaning. The machine sprays detergent on your carpet. Excess of hot water activates the detergent on the fibres of the carpet fibres. Then a wet-vac is used to suck up the bulk of water. The name steam cleaning comes from the usage of hot water which results in steam generation.

If this method is done correctly, you get your carpet clean and as good as new without a trace of soap residue. Hence, it is very important to hire a good commercial steam carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. You may have a synthetic or even woollen carpet, professional carpet cleaning needs to be done at regular intervals. It can be around 6-8 months or yearly but that’s doesn’t mean you cannot keep your carpet clean the remaining time. Here are tips to keep your carpet clean.

Use your vacuum cleaner

Yes, you read it right. It’s time to use the good old machine that has been lying around in your house. Vacuum cleaner enters areas that individuals or dusters cannot reach. You can vacuum your entrance and the high-traffic areas weekly.

Vacuum at the correct height

If you set your vacuum at a lower height, you risk of not only damaging your carpet but also your vacuum’s brush and drive belt. And if the height is set too high, it won’t pick up any kind of dirt. Therefore it is important to set the vacuum at a correct height.

Pro Tip: First raise the vacuum to its highest setting, turn it on and keep lowering it till you feel the vacuum trying to tug itself forward. The height set at this point will be the ideal vacuum height for your carpet cleaning.

Use mats

You need to use mats both inside and outside. Going for water absorbent mats is the best. You might give in your best to keep your carpet clean but eventually, accidents, spillage and the dirt on the bottom of your shoes are definitely going to victimise your carpet. Therefore if you have a mat outdoors, you leave most of the dirt outside and water absorbent mat indoors kick off moisture and more dirt particles before it gets to your carpet.

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