Leather Cleaning in Melbourne

Tips on Leather Cleaning in Melbourne

Leather upholstery could be a treat for the eyes. It is a timeless elegance adding beauty to your home. Leather, however, durable it is designed to be, will get worn out and dirty. The general wear and tear coupled with the faded colour are natural for any leather upholstered furniture.The dust, dirt and stains on your leather will make your upholstery dull and drab before time.

At Pure N Bright, our trained team of professionals have expertise in leather cleaning in Melbourne. They gently clean and revamp your leather furniture and upholstery thus protecting their shine and look from diminishing. Here are some of the tips shared from the books of leather cleaning experts on how to make your leather last long.

Check the Label

Yes, you read it right. The most simple yet one of the most efficient tasks is to check the label of your leather product. It is extremely tempting to tackle the leather cleaning process with your daily use of cleaning products and tools, but these products most of the time cause cracks and bobbles, thereby, damaging your delicate leather upholstery and furniture.

Spillage Situations

Spillage on your leather upholstery is a common thing. It can be a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. It may be your favourite food or ink from your pen, the spillage can occur because of anything and everything. It is extremely common. In such cases, the most important thing to do is to blot the stain and not wipe it. Wiping would either discolour or permanently leave a bigger stain on your leather. Blotting will reduce the moisture and then you can get assistance from the experts. We suggest it is always better to contact a professional cleaning company after you have initially treated the stain. The initial treatment of blotting would only ensure that the stain is stopped from spreading, but for complete removal, it is best advised to contact professional cleaning services.

The best tip given by the cleaning experts from Pure N Bright team is to give your leather some tender love and care so they age beautifully with time.

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