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Top 3 Mattress Cleaning Myths Debunked

Do you get up every morning with itchy skin and constant sneezing? These might be the early signs that your mattress needs to be cleaned! We generally spend around one-third of our life in bed that is why it is essential to take proper care of our mattress.

However, certain mattress cleaning misconceptions make most people strangely ignore the importance of getting a mattress cleaned.

Here, we have tried to debunk some of these myths about mattress cleaning:

Myth #1: Most Mattresses Comes with Dust-Free Coating

Even though most mattresses these days come with a dust-free coating, it does not make them completely dust-resistant. Your mattress gets untidy after a couple of years. The dust-free layer lasts for a specific amount of time which eventually wears off with time. So, your mattresses need to be cleaned professionally and adequately to get
rid of all the mites and tiny dust particles to make it clean and healthy again.

Myth #2: A Mattress Cover Keeps the Mattress Clean

If you think the cover acts as “the guard of the mattress” then you are making a grave mistake. A cover might guard the mattress against dust and sometimes stains. But, it does not make it completely immune to dirt, tough stains, bodily fluids or mites. It is better to make sure you clean the mattress covers at least once a month to make it tidy.

Myth #3: “Clean-Looking” Mattress does not Require Cleaning

A wise man once said, “All that glitters is not gold, and all that looks pristine is not clean.”

Your mattress might look clean on the surface, yet there might be abundant dust accumulated over the years. Dust particles and other contaminants eventually pose a health risk and thus, it is essential to get rid of them.

So, it is important to get your mattresses cleaned by a professional from time to time.

Don’t take any chances with your and your family’s health, call a professional mattress cleaner to get extensive mattress cleaning solutions.

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