Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Bring your sofa back to life! Get it revived with us.

Pure N Bright Cleaning specialists will enhance and restore the vitality and original beauty of all your home furnishings. We provide deep down cleaning as well as fabric restoration to restore your home's original glory and extend your upholstery's lifespan.

The Importance of professional cleaning

Your soft furnished upholstery is in continuous usage and needs to be cleaned with one of the certified upholstery cleaners in Melbourne. Apart from the usual wear and tear, the upholstery fabric is exposed to a number of different pollutants: bacteria, dirt mites, body fats, sand, foodstuffs, pet odour, and tints.

All of these, in addition to environmental pollutants, shambles the upholstery, and are injurious to your well-being. Thus, they are needed to be cleaned by a provider of upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.

Our upholstery cleaning in Melbourne professionals, clean most of the fabric upholstery types using an array of

  • Treatments
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques
  • Professional kits to ensure a harmless and thorough cleaning getting rid of the most persistent stains.

Our technicians use a completely safe, natural, and organic cleaning agent.

We evaluate your type of upholstery and contents of the fabric to determine only the best cleaning method for this particular piece of furniture. In some cases we use a dry cleaning method as the safe to clean specific type of fabric.

The Importance of Protecting Your Upholstery

Sanitising and deodorising – This safe and mild deodoriser is intended to kill odour-causing particles in your fabric and hence preserve its freshness.
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Pet Urine odour treatment

Don’t be embarrassed by pet accidents and urine odour on your furniture, mat, or rugs.

We have the solution!

In addition to general deodorising, for eliminating odours, we destroy the very cause of bad odour. There are some special neutralising agents which we spray before steam cleaning the affected area. With a success rate of 99%, we are an expert in neutralising the smell.


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