Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Keeping your upholstery clean is important for maintaining décor of your home as well as to keep you and your family healthy. However, no matter how hard you try, accidents can happen. Glasses fall and liquid spills. That’s a part of life. Don’t sit down as if this is the end of the world for that piece of furniture. Accidents happen and you’re not alone. And who says spills are the only enemy of your upholstery; what about dirt, dust, pets and harmful chemicals.

So the question arises: how to clean your stain infested upholstery. In the rest of the post, I have answered a few of your questions. In case I missed a few points, feel to put them in the comments’ section.


  • Before starting the cleaning exercise, it is important to vacuum to remove dirt and dust.
  • If you have pets at home, check your upholstery for any traces of pet hairs. Vacuum would help get rid of the most. For the remaining, use a pet hair remover.

Quick Cleaning:

  • If the spill is still fresh, you can restrict the liquid to get fully soaked by that piece of furniture. Take a clean piece of cloth and soak the spilled liquid with it.
  • Don’t scrub or rub. Only blot it gently over the spill as an attempt soak maximum amount of liquid.
  • Blotting won’t stop a stain from appearing over that piece of upholstery. But it restrict the flow of the liquid to an extent.

What matters?

  • The type of fabric the upholstery is made of
  • The type of spill or stain on the upholstery.

The course of action: Which cleaner to use

  • In case you have forgotten, every piece of upholstery has a tag attached. The tag gives washing instructions:
  • Check that piece for a similar type of tag containing washing instructions.
  • Caution: Your everyday, harsh cleaner can damage your upholstery. Only use the one directed in the tag.

What if there is no tag?

  • Test an upholstery cleaner, not your everyday cleaner, over an inconspicuous area. If it doesn’t seem to do any harm, the cleaner can be deemed to be safe for the rest of the area.
  • Use this method at your own risk
  • Regardless, consult a professional, like Pure N Bright for advice or assistance on how to clean upholstery without the tag.

Cleaning codes:

  • Don’t clean the upholstery fabric with a water based detergent.
  • Clean the upholstery material with an aqua-free product.
  • The only way you clean your upholstery fibre is with a vacuum cleaner and a brush.
  • Never use a upholstery cleaner by yourself unless you’re extremely rich
  • New furniture costs…

For everything else or for the times when you’re not sure:

You always insist on Pure N Bright, Melbourne’s leading upholstery cleaner. No matter the condition of your upholstery, we will make it as good as new. We have professionals who can take care of every sort of upholstery irrespective of build, type, age, brand, and fibre.

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