Pure n Bright Cleaning knows that water damage emergencies can be traumatic for you and your family. Our licensed and certified professionals are water damage restoration specialists in Melbourne who use specialised equipment to solve the problem.

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Let us Help You

At the onset of your loss due to water damage in Melbourne, our cleaning professionals will identify the scope of your loss, assess the damage...
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Quick Response, Less Loss

Regardless of the size of the damage, we understand the need for quick response. At Pure n Bright Cleaning, we assist you through this emergency and ensure you...
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Experienced and Certified Cleaners

Our certified cleaners and plumbing experts in Melbourne have the industry knowledge and experience to clean and dry your property back to...
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Pre Inspection

We inspect the flooded area and stop the water leakage to avoid further water damage.

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Safety Steps

We remove all electrical appliances which could have been affected by flood to make the place Safe.

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Flood Water Extraction

We use the advanced and strong equipment to extract the water out of the carpet to provide respite from water damage in Melbourne.

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Drying Carpet

We use number of air blowers and Dehumidifier to dry the carpet and area as quick as we can.

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Repositioning & Stretching the Carpet

We reposition and stretch the carpet for the next cleaning step.

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Carpet Cleaning

Steam clean the carpet, deodorize and Sanitize.

At Pure N Bright, we understand that water damage to your home or business place can be a huge cause of concern and stress. We are one of the premier water damage carpet cleaning firms in Melbourne. When there is a flood, the water extraction should start immediately. The carpet water damage restoration work should be completed within 12 hours. Failure to do so can actually allow several types of bacteria and fungi that could cause various ailments. We not only have the finest experience in flood damage carpet cleaning but also drying of wood floors and complete flood restoration.

As a professional water damage restoration company in Melbourne, our prime aim is to eliminate the water as fast as possible from inside premisses to prevent any extra damage. We understand that your carpet is precious and water damaged carpet in Melbourne can completely destroy the look and feel of your decor.

We are a reputed and experienced flood damage restoration company. We provide you with professional and competent cleaning services. We offer the best wet carpet restoration service and ensure that flood damage carpet drying is done effectively. We are equipped with exceptionally-trained staff that can provide you with the best flood restoration service around. We are committed to getting the job done effectively and efficiently the first time itself. We understand that floods can occur anytime and flooded carpet restoration can be difficult if not treated properly. We, therefore, provide emergency service for flooded carpet cleaning.

In an Emergency,

We offer a complete flood restoration service including:

  • State of the art inspection process, drying and restoration equipment
  • Odour and mildew inspection and removal
  • Look for mould damage and make sure there is complete mould removal
  • Damaged carpet and upholstery restoration
  • Sewage cleanup and restoration
  • Inspect and identify the leakage source and make sure no more flooding is happening
  • Look for mould damage and make sure there are complete mould removal and remediation

Get Your Property Back to Normal As Soon As Possible - a water damage restoration company in Melbourne that has been helping clients with their water damage repairs when it is needed the most.

Your Reliable Flood Restoration Partner - Fully licensed, highly trained flood restoration technicians that carefully remove and exposes all wet materials and dries out all areas affected by the flooding.

More than "Just Water Damage Cleanup” - Most water damage companies in Melbourne will remove water, but we don't stop there. We carefully clean, sanitise and disinfect your home furnishings, cabinets, etc. We'll also restore your home to a condition that's even better than before the flood.

Our professional experience has given our water damage restoration technicians the skills and knowledge to clean up and restore all types of water damage. Get in touch with us on 1300 360 274.


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We provide all the necessary services to clean and restore your carpets, upholstery, curtains and any other materials that may have suffered damage from water and flooding.

Our cleaning services and restoration for wet or damaged carpets include cleaning, water extraction, re-stretching and repairing as well as applying carpet and fabric protection, mould removal, deodorisers and disinfectors.

Basement Drying and Structural Drying Services

Basement dampness is a problematic area as it can be difficult to detect and can cause long term consequences, both structural, visual and health related. Any type of standing water which requires drying or repair work, damp spots or peeling paint, musty odours and rusty metal, water stains on skirting boards or any type of puddle, leak or water on the floors, carpet water damage, walls or ceiling wetness can indicate rising dampness or leakage and should be checked out by a professional.

Call us to prevent further damages and restore your property structure and contents.

Sewage Overflows Cleanup Service

If your sewage overflows, tank spills or experience drainage problems we can help. We will clean and sanitise the affected areas using anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning agents. This affordable option will exempt you from the uneasiness and danger of infection from the germs. Call for your Floor & Water Damage Restoration.


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