Flooded Carpet Cleaning and Water Damaged Carpet Restoration

We provide all the necessary services to clean and restore your carpets, upholstery, curtains and any other materials that may have suffered damage from water and flooding.

Our cleaning services and restoration for wet or damaged carpets include cleaning, water extraction, re-stretching and repairing as well as applying carpet and fabric protection, mould removal, deodorisers and disinfectors.

Basement Drying and Structural Drying Services

Basement dampness is a problematic area as it can be difficult to detect and can cause long term consequences, both structural, visual and health related. Any type of standing water which requires drying or repair work, damp spots or peeling paint, musty odours and rusty metal, water stains on skirting boards or any type of puddle, leak or water on the floors, carpet water damage, walls or ceiling wetness can indicate rising dampness or leakage and should be checked out by a professional.

Call us to prevent further damages and restore your property structure and contents.

Sewage Overflows Cleanup Service

If your sewage overflows, tank spills or experience drainage problems we can help. We will clean and sanitise the affected areas using anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning agents. This affordable option will exempt you from the uneasiness and danger of infection from the germs. Call for your Floor & Water Damage Restoration.