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Your Option for a Pee Smell Free Couch

Yes, the accidents do happen. Whether it is your furry bundle of joy or energetic toddlers accidents happen and they never happen in ideal locations. The couch is one of those locations for a pee. We know it’s annoying and frustrating and even if you somehow try to remove the stain, there is no guarantee of that foul smell. The cushions absorb the liquid and you will notice a big pee spot. It keeps spreading with the epicentre being the most drenched.

We understand that urine smells can be strong and there is nothing “weeeee” about them. Urine is a waste product and therefore it contains many things like uric salts and bacteria. Uric salts are something that can be broken down by an enzymatic cleaner only.

It is always recommended that you seek assistance and leave these things for professionals. At Pure N Bright, you shall immediately see the difference and avoid damaging your precious couch or your mental peace. We shall not only clean but also remove that urine odour and your couch will look as good as new.

If needed, the first thing we would do is a colour test. This is done to ensure that the treatment doesn’t make the fabric colour run. The next step is to detect moisture. We use special equipment to do this so we can majorly focus on that spot where most treatment would be needed.

The next step is a pre-vacuum with our industrial-strength equipment to ensure that any debris is removed from your couch and then we shall inject a solution into the affected area of the couch to treat the uric salts. A qualified and well-trained technician will apply a pre-spray solution containing antibacterial and sanitising properties.

We then apply a specialised upholstery cleaning spray, which includes Healthguard, a strong sanitiser that removes odour-causing bacteria, germs and fungi. But, you need to note one thing that it is extremely helpful if you know what kind of stain it is and how it occurred. We can treat most of these stains and odours and even offer a 14-day guarantee on our upholstery service.

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